A message from the Purpose team

Hi there.

The Treasury Purpose team had the task of bringing the 3 Treasury Purpose Commitments and Actions to life.  To remind you, the key messages from the Purpose workshops in 2018 were

  • Process Improvement and Simplification with focus on the customer
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Change and innovation

The Purpose Group has co-ordinated 2 Customer evenings and the Trading Places programme as part of action plans for the 3 Commitments.  These initiatives fall into the Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration and Focus on the Customer elements of the Commitments.  However, work has also been on-going in the background to map some Treasury journeys and you can find out more about these in the Journey Mapping Article below.

To respond to the asks for more information on change and innovation, the Purpose group have put together a summary of the various projects that are currently in progress in Treasury.  Philip Ryan is now the Change Manager in charge of projects and you can find details of on-going projects below. 


If you have feedback on any of our initiatives, please let us know via the link at the bottom of this mail.

Your Treasury Purpose team

Treasury Journey Mapping

Journey mapping is about increasing knowledge and understanding of end to end processes and identifying the people involved in each step along the customer journey .


The Purpose Group looked at how to connect teams within Treasury to the end customer. 


2 Treasury Journeys were mapped.  The first of those was about customers who want to make  payments to their suppliers and employee.  At a high level, 5 team are involved in their journey, both within Treasury and in other areas of AIB, such as Corporate, Legal and Enterprise payments.  Click here to see the steps in this journey.


The second journey is about customers who want to mitigate currency risks and earn income on their profits.  In total, 9 areas are involved in these transactions including 6 areas within Treasury and 3 other areas within AIB.  Click here to see the steps in this journey.  


More journeys are planned for 2020 and they show clearly that no one team delivers a service or product by themselves and that both customer and non-customer facing teams are essential in helping Treasury achieve it’s Purpose. 

Calypso Project

Purpose: This project is about delivering a robust Treasury Platform to enable funding of current and future customer activities.

The project involves the replacement of the current Treasury Platform which captures all Treasury transactions and feeds into the core risk management & financial management systems. Implementation has been in 3 key releases - Loans & Deposits, FX and Interest Rate Products. This will completes our transition from Opics and the project is now moving into Sustainment and Resiliance mode to maximise our investment in the platform.Purpose: This project is about delivering a robust Treasury Platform to enable funding of current and future customer activities.


Customer Portal

Purpose: To provide two-way online customer interaction incorporating streamlined confirmations & other services from Calypso.


The project scope is to build an online portal, linked to Calypso, on DBB for Treasury customers. DBB (the upgraded iBB) is AIB's business banking platform which already provides business customers with account and payment functionatily. Creating a hub in this location will allow customers with Treasury requirements additional benefits including: 
- Online confirmations from Calypso / Query functionality / Ability to takedown Forward Contracts / Ability to place FX orders online
- Book forward contracts



Treasury CRM

Purpose: To deliver a single customer view across networks unifying relationships, processes, and data to achieve better customer and business outcomes


Currently, CTS keep all customer information, file notes, visit reports etc. in a standalone CRM (Customer Relationship Managment) system called Newgrange. In conjuction with CIB, we are working to integrate this data into a ROI-wide CRM system allowing to access and share customer information with other customer-facing teams. 
This will enable better management of future opportunities and pipeline management and more coherant customer interactions between separate business areas facing the same customer.



Securities Financing

Purpose: To extend our current Securities Finance capabilities further.


Securities Financing provides a way for financial institutions to exchange liquidity (cash) for collateral (such as fixed income securities or equities) in order to generate better returns.   This can be done via bilateral and tri-party fixed income or equity repo transactions.

AIB already manages part of its regulatory liquidity obligations using fixed income Securities Financing through repurchase “repo” agreements and collateral swaps.  The Securities Financing project is aiming to extend our capabilities significantly, to include equity collateral with three new tri-party agents.

Trade Finance back office activity

Purpose: To provide a resilient trade finance platform to support our customers international trade activities.


Operational support for our Trade Finance customer offering is currently outsourced and provided by Wells Fargo.
In 2018, Wells Fargo issued notification that they were withdrawing this service from Nov 2020, so a project was set up to investigate alternatives. The decision was made to buy in technology that will allow us to manage our own back office activity. A preferred technology (CGI) vendor has been identified and work is underway to begin the integration process



Intraday Liquidity

Purpose: Funding & Liquidity Management is recorded as a ‘Mission Critical’ process within AIB. This project is to source an enhanced digital solution to assist in the monitoring and management of intraday liquidity and enhance the Bank’s reporting capability and risk assessment processes.